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Box-type resistance furnace protection and pay attention to what items

1, when the re-use of box-type resistance furnace for the first time after disabling or prolonged use, make sure the implementation of the oven. The oven temperature should be 200 ℃ time of four hours. 200 ℃ to 600 ℃ four hours. When used, the furnace temperature can not exceed the highest fixed temperature, so burning destruction heating element. Non-injected into the furnace and easy to dissolve various liquid metal, preferably in the resistance furnace is below the maximum temperature of 50 ℃ office, then furnace wire has a longer life to survive.

2, muffle furnace and is sure to curb the relative wetness of not more than 85 one hundred percent, no conductive dust, explosive or corrosive gases places of work. Where grease with metallic materials to be what the purposes of heating, there is more than the number of volatile gases will affect the appearance and corrosion heating elements, so that destroy life and reduced survival. Because of this, the heating should be as early as possible to prevent and get rid of good tightly closed containers or suitable openings.

3, curb muffle furnace should be limited to use in the background temperature range 0-40 ℃.

4, according to the technical requirements, often seizing furnace regularly, curb the wiring of each string line is satisfactory, when the pointer is ordered to remain stationary movement Have stuck phenomenon, and the electricity meter calibration potentiometer by the permanent magnet, degaussing, up motivate error wire, shrapnel fatigue, balance and other damage by event conditions.

5, do not suddenly pull out the thermocouple at high temperatures to prevent coat burst.

6, often to maintain the furnace cleaning, sweeping the net to make as early as 

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