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High temperature muffle furnace energy saving New Development

Muffle furnace and office electrical or burning material is added to the amount of heat a substance in industrial heating processes widely used in the national economy 72 Guilds shut tight equipment.

The equipment involved in vocational and technical broadly, there is resistance heating, induction heating, electric arc heating, infrared heating, plasma heating, microwave heating, electron beam heating, which are more than 10 categories, hundreds of varieties, more than 1,000 overall body series specifications, widely used in iron and steel industry, aerospace, defense industry, machinery industry and other fields of heating disposal, melting, forging, heat to bond, baking process.

This year, when speaking, muffle furnace industry market still needs Huochi. With the swift progress of the country and in foreign markets open national science and technology and environmental needs of increased research and development of high-tech, environmental protection, energy saving heating facilities become pressing. In particular special boron steel, new construction materials, new heat treatment process, continuous casting and rolling equipment requirements of the market is very large.

Because this muffle furnace toward environmental protection, energy-saving realized progress, which also muffle the company provides opportunities for debugging and, if appropriate adaptation progress together, the progress of the market, the company will be a great benefit economic activity, if nothing in it the risk may be outdated.

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