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High temperature muffle furnace maintenance

High temperature muffle furnace maintenance

1, the instrument should be placed under the drying ventilation, the central task temperature of non-aggressive gas is 10-50 ℃, the temperature is absolutely no greater than 85%.

2, in order to guarantee precise measurement, using the current mid potentiometer correction XMT-type temperature controller temperature measurement table, lest cause large errors.

3, the current review of whether each plenary hotline for loose contacts exchange contactor can fine emerged fault should be promptly repaired.

4, digital muffle furnace type silicon carbide, silicon carbide later found protection, should be replaced by the specifications opposite Moreover, the resistance value of approximately new silicon carbide. First remove the cover when the cover and change ends silicon carbide chuck, then stored in a protected silicon carbide, silicon carbide because frangible shall accidentally when means exposed ends of the furnace shell portion should be the same folder head tightening is necessary to make good contact with the silicon carbide. Should chuck if a major renewal of the oxide. Silicon carbide devices at both ends of the slit aperture at the rope blocking the use of asbestos. Furnace temperature does not have to exceed the maximum task 1350 ℃. Silicon carbide is promised to another task 4 hour at the highest temperature. Is equal to the use of box-type muffle furnace after a short time, such as hair conditioner counterclockwise position to the maximum heating power conditioning button status, DC heating still did not go on. Additional interval value far not reached the required heating power, indicating silicon carbide has been aging. Then silicon carbide can be connected in parallel to the series, we can still continue to use. Without being changed when assembling silicon carbide connection, as long as the change connection Moreover, after the change connection, the time to pay attention to the use of the heating power conditioning button rushing conditioning, heating DC value does not get beyond the extra value.

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